Forex Managed Account, Forex Investments and Systematic Trend Trading Solutions.

Trend Accounts, The Alternative Investment Broker. Providing our clients with both managed FX accounts and system managed futures accounts.

"If an investor wishes to increase the performance and reduce the risk and volatility in an overall investment portfolio, that investor should combine non correlated asset classes with one another" Prof. Harry Markowitz, Nobel Prize in Economics.

Through the identification of repetitive pattern cycles, our associate money managers, systematic trend trading solutions. Provide our clients with the ability to generate profits from advancing and or declining trends within both futures and FX currency markets.

We are able to tailor systematic trend trading portfolios in accordance with client needs. Please contact us to discuss our individual portfolio tailoring services further.

There are many managed FX accounts avaliable but these do not match the consistent proven long term performance of our selected Trend Accounts. The forex trading system accounts we offer have the ability to profit, in any market environment, at any stage of the business cycle.

Our facilitated managed forex accounts and systematic trading solutions are traded on the basis of positive performance only, without the conflict of interest, of being obliged to generate trading volume for self financing. Our associate money managers remuneration is exclusively success referred, therefore it is their only maxim to develop and increase your fortune.

Trading foreign exchange, contracts for differences, or spread bets on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Before deciding to invest in the products offered, you should carefully consider your objectives. Risk Disclosure

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Forex Managed Accounts Performance.


Compound Return Since Inception.

(Multi Trend Account)


Average Monthly Compound Return.
(Multi Manager Select FX Account)

Low Account Minimum - USD 5K.

Regulated Broker Accounts.

Long Term Proven Performance.

Legal & General Stocks and shares ISA

Easy to Profit from Trading

Trend Accounts makes profiting from trading easy. Our selected accounts are available to both the general public and financial institutions, often with low opening deposit requirements.
Unparalleled Client Satisfaction

Our forex trading system has allowed our traders to continuously outperform on the forex market. We are here for the long term and aim to offer all of our clients 100% complete satisfaction.
Market Diversification

We have also developed our forex system to perform in other markets such as futures, stock indices and commodities. Our Trend Accounts are now diversified to incorporate trading in all of these markets.